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Services – Eagle DJ


Wedding Packages Starting at $500*
Photo’s Shown below are for Reference Only, Arrangement Might Change due to Venue, addon’s, and resource limitations.
Bronze Package
Package Designed for:

Small Venues/Small Weddings of less then 150 people

Standard Audio Package**
Small Lighting Setup suitable for smaller dance floors.
Choice of white or black facade.

Silver Package
Package Recommended for:

Small Venues/Weddings between 150 and 250 people

Standard Audio Package**
Medium Size Lighting setup suitable for small dance floor
Choice of White or Black Facade

Gold Package
Package Designed for:

Large Venues/Large Weddings over 250 People
Standard Audio Package**
Large Lighting package including some special effect lighting.
Choice of White or Black Facade
White Facade will be uplighted with the Bride/Groom choice of colors


Special Add-ons:
These may be added on to any package unless noted below.

Facade Up-light
(Included with Gold Package) (White Facade Only)
By using special lighting equipment, the facade and covers on the stands can be illuminated with the clients’ color of choice.
Available for every package and included with the gold package.

Up lighting
[gm album=7]

Projected Monograms/Designs
Why Monograms/Design:
Monograms are popular way to add your own personal touch to the Venue. Monograms can be projected onto almost any smooth surface and can be black and white, single full color, or even multi-color. They can contain a fun pattern, your names and date, Initials, or even a full color photo, what ever you desire. Many standard designs are available. Custom designs can be created however there will be an additional fee for any custom the artwork. All custom designs will be created by a professional graphical artist.

Standard Projected Monograms/Designs Include not limited to:
[gm album=11]

Custom Projected Single Color Monograms/Designs.
Example Designs
[gm album=12]

Custom Lighting Packages
Custom Lighting can be swapped in for any of the packages for an additional fee. This option is often used for unusual environments at venues/wedding such as outside, tents, or daytime weddings. These type of weddings often require special lifting not provided in the normal lighting setup. As no setup is the same the cost will very depending on the additional equipment needed

Off-Site/On-Site Wedding Ceremony Sound System

**Standard Audio Package Includes:
Bridal Party Introduction
First Dance
Dollar Dances
Play/Do Not Play playlist

*Please note that packages are subject to change.
Some Venues have additional surcharges. When requesting a quote please include the venue or proposed venue for more accurate prices

Themed Weddings
Recent Themed Weddings include:
Harry Potter
Winter Wonderland
Tropical Island/Beach

All themes Weddings Include the Use of Uplighting, Cross-lighting, Custom Lighting, and if needed Custom Color/Black&White Monograms